Two months later…

And I’m back! With only three more drawings to represent the two weeks in January I abstained from tasty things. I recently found these in my notebook so it’s funny to review them with a less “deprived” state of mind.


That little guy in the corner is suppose to be a malicious olive. We were encouraged to take two tablespoons of olive oil before bed every night. It supposedly helps lubricate the whole detox process, if ya catch my drift, but it tasted TERRIBLE! I only did it twice.


My love of bread became VERY real.

We kept social interactions at a minimum but I celebrated Emie’s birthday by NOT eating her delicious birthday cake. 😦

All in all, the detox wasn’t really as terrible as I depicted in these drawings. We had lots of delicious smoothies and I even made tasty gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan pancakes. I also tried some new-to-me wacky grains which I liked. The major drawback was that it seemed impossible to eat out or to socialize at times. So if you go down this road, make sure you have strong-willed partner at your side!