End of an era

I have less than a week to go before my last day of work at a job I’ve held for almost six years! And I’m three weeks away from the day I leave for my 50-day trip to Argentina. Did I mention I will be turning 30 in seven days as well? I feel like a piñata full of emotions…hopefully nobody whacks me too hard!

I imagine anyone reading this blog is well aware of my back-story by now but if not here’s a little prequel. I was born in Argentina and all of my extended family still lives there and I’m lucky enough to be able to visit them every so often. For quite some time I have wanted to travel for a prolonged amount of time in Argentina but, since I have a full-time job, I have never been able to take off that much time. When my immediate family started talking about a December visit, I felt like I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to spend some extra long time with my faraway family and visit some new places in Argentina. Which meant I would have to leave my job. It was a decision that was hard to realize but, after dedicating nearly six years of service, I recognized that leaving would be great way to recharge myself and would allow my position to be filled by someone with fresh energy.

So in the end, my trip will be part family vacation and part personal adventure – I’m excited! And I’ve got so much more planning to do but in the meantime, here’s a map dotted with the places I plan on visiting in the coming months:

Anyways, I hope to make better use of my blog than I have in the past! Till the next update!