Snack Time in BA

It took a plane, a bus and a subway train but I finally made it to my hostel. Then I had this snack while I waited until official check-in time to crash on my rickety and extra narrow bunk bed:


A reflection of how much dairy and refined flour I will be ingesting in the coming months! I ate this “light” snack at the famous Cafe Tortoni where the poets and writers of Argentina used to hang out and chew the fat. Now it’s the first stop on every tourist’s list. Including me…but mostly I went because it was around the corner from my hostel.

I’m writing this two days later, and 300+ km from Buenos Aires, in Mar de Las Pampas, a pretty and fancyish beach town that is surrounded by tall pine trees that obscure houses from one another. It’s quite a different pace from Buenos Aires. I’m here with my parents (who just arrived) and one of my sisters (who will join us by the end the week) for a few days before we make the marathon drive to the province of Cordoba to visit my mom’s side of the family. Hasta next time!

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