Torpedo Monkey

Since my last post we have traversed the dunes in Mar de las Pampas on ATVs, spent a week in the Sierras Chicas in Cordoba and celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday in Santa Fe. But I wanted to write a quick post about ice cream. The day I got to Buenos Aires I noticed advertisements for a weird sweet treat. It´s called “Torpedo Monkey” and is advertised like this:


It looks fun, right? It’s a Dulce de Leche ice cream with a “banana peel” candy coating that supposedly peels off like a banana! I tried to get my sisters to buy it so I could witness its amazingness but they used the same excuse that they hate banana flavored candy. I thought I could get Drew to eat one but when he finally arrived he claimed to have eaten five alfajores on the bus to Rosario and had had his fill of sweets. So I finally went ahead and bought myself a Torpedo Monkey. And it was so gross. First of all, it was way smaller than I imagined. The outside coating looked nothing like the ad (can you BELIEVE that!) and it was glued together by ice crystals. I tried to peel it but it was impossible. Check this sadness:

It just kept breaking off. The ratio of gross “banana peel” to ice cream was way off. There was so much yellow stuff I had to pretty much snap it in two before I could actually “peel” the ice cream. Here’s a short vid:

Looks like a…hot dog?? Thankfully not all Argentine ice cream is like this. But they do have some wacky candy!

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