Volcanic Ash Sucks

Finding out that your flight (due to depart in three hours) from Bariloche to Buenos Aires has been cancelled, that the Bariloche airport has been shut down and that the closest airport is 6 hours away is also sucky. Drew and I were supposed to fly from Bariloche to Buenos Aires on Tuesday afternoon, and while we had heard that occasionally some flights were not landing in Bariloche, we were not informed of any changes to our flight from the airline. I decided to check the flight status at an internet cafe to gauge when we needed to head to the airport but the only information available on the LAN site regarding our flight were these huge words: CANCELLED. Thankfully I was seated next to an American expat type who overheard my cries of confusion and explained the deal. The Bariloche airport had been closed (since October we later learned…we bought our tickets in November…where is the logic, I know not) and all LAN flights from Bariloche were now departing from Neuquen which meant we would have to ride a bus to the city of Neuquen (6 hours away) to catch the last flight of the day. LAN apparently provided this bus service but since they neglected to inform us, we missed all the busses that left that day. So I thanked the gringo and we were off to the bus terminal. Suffice it to say, we spent all day traveling but it was cool because we were served this beige and pink little number on the bus:


This was the “first course” of a two course lunch consisting mostly of bread and ham. Three hours later they served us an afternoon snack (merienda) of two pastries and a mini alfajor. You won’t eat the most nutritious food while on the road in Argentina but you definitely won’t go hungry!

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