Shoe shopping saves the day

These were the shoes I tried to buy when I realized my debit card wasn’t working:


The shoe salesman kept coming by giving incentive after incentive. I finally gave in when he gave me a 25% discount. However, when he charged my card it was denied. Twice. He suggested I get money from an ATM (and he would give me a bigger discount). So I went to an ATM, more to find out if my card was working than for the shoes, and the first one rejected my card with a message saying the card wasn’t accepted there. That was the first time I got a message like that and I had been using the ATMs of various banks. Panicked, I went to another ATM to see if my card worked there but I got the same terse message. Worried that someone had gotten a hold of my card number and stolen all my money and that I would be stuck penniless in Mendoza, Argentina for months, I went to the closest cyber cafe (or ciber cafe as they spell it here) to check my bank account. Turns out my bank had put a temporary hold on my card because I bought a bus ticket online through a site with a generic/shady sounding name. So all was chill, except I had to go back to my hostel to get my cell phone and call the bank to straighten things out. At that point the shoe store had closed…but I should still get them shoes, right?

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