Double Scoop of Torrontes, please

Today I went on a full day group excursion from Salta to Cafayate and back through the amazing Quebrada de Cafayate (or Quebrada de las Conchas as it’s actually named). Here just one of shot of this crazy colored landscape:


Cafayate is Argentina’s other well known wine region and it is famous for its torrontés so of course the excursion included a brief winery tour where we got to sample some fine wine. Then we had two hours to wander around the town. I wanted to have another glass of wine but it’s almost impossible to do that in a small town without ordering an entire bottle in a restaurant. It was also really hot. So I kept walking looking at restaurant menus until I walked past an ice cream parlor that claimed to have invented wine ice cream. Perfect! So I got myself a scoop of Torrontés:


I wouldn’t say it was actually good…it tasted kind of like a wine slushy. I don’t know if it actually had any alcohol but I definitely passed out on the ride back! They also had Cabernet Sauvignon flavor, so maybe next time I’m in Cafayate I’ll do a taste comparison.

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