Back Where I Came From

I have been back in Austin for 23 days and somehow I’ve already managed to come to the washateria twice. One perk of not having a job is that I’m able to do laundry during the day and avoid the slightly depressing night time at the laundromat. Plus they got wee-fee!  I happened to bring my iPod and wanted to continue watching the documentary about feral cats living in Roman ruins that Marie posted on a certain social networking site so I got on the youtube. I realized the last search I had done was in Argentina when my cousin asked me to look up “Mr. Trololo”. (We were trying to think of all the viral videos we knew of so we could compare what was popular in Argentina vs. the US). Here is Mr. Trololo:

Has anybody seen this before? I just re-watched the video and was cracking up in the laundromat. Why didn’t anybody show me?? I gotta fold some sheets now.

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