Red chair redo!

It’s been over a year since I updated this here blog but I thought, no time like the new year to pick up where I left off! Plenty has occurred since my last post (October 25, 2012 – yikes!) but one of the highlights, in terms of projects, was completing my first upholstery class. I wanted to take an upholstery class for some time but never managed to sign up in time. Plus, it required having something to upholster, which I hadn’t found (or looked for) yet. Well, once we “inherited” this institutional looking chair I knew I had found my guinea pig. I took a four week course through Austin Upholstery Studio where I managed to transform this:


into this!


Upholstery is definitely more manually intensive than I had imagined…and I didn’t even have any springs to re-tie! I felt like I cheated a little since my chair was mostly foam and required mainly a new cover and no major structural rebuilding. I later made a couple pillows for the chair:


Here’s a closer shot of the pillows where you can see a bit more of the fabric detail:


I plan to take another class once I come across the right neglected little gem…and I’ll keep ya posted!

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